I am an ecologist with a particular love for birds and a strong background in seabird ecology. I am interested in applied research that fosters solutions to challenges in species conservation and effective environmental stewardship.  My current research strives to understand how seabirds interact with their environments and the environmental determinants that drive their movements.  

At Monash University in Melbourne, Australia I study spatial ecology of pelagic Pterodroma petrels (or "gadfly" petrels), which are some of the world’s most threatened seabirds.  In British Columbia, Canada I have conducted research on the movement ecology of two species of storm-petrel and studied nocturnal seabirds in the Haida Gwaii archipelago.  I have also spent several years surveying seabirds and marine mammals at sea throughout the North Pacific and the Western Arctic.


I hope that my research will help to improve our understanding of the ecology and distribution of marine species and improve efforts to preserve them.  My toolbox includes using a combination of survey techniques, advanced tracking technology, behaviour and diet studies, statistical modelling and spatial analyses. 

I can be reached by email or you can find me on Twitter.

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